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Happy New Year with Tedu International Education System

According to traditional Vietnamese customs, the Lunar New Year is the Vietnamese New Year which is celebrated with the family. Wherever you are, whatever you do, everyone wants and tries to come back to reunite with their family.

 In the days before Tet, the atmosphere is very exciting and bustling. 

In the days before Tet, the atmosphere was very exciting and buzzing. Everyone from young to old is eager to clean their homes, go to the Tet store market, ask for couplets about worship

In the memory of many people today, the most favorite feeling was sitting next to a grandmother while she was cleaning the Dong leaves, and teaching her grandchildren how to pack Banh Chung while they listen to her stories once upon a time. 

On the side of the fire, the smell of smoke and Banh Chung flavor, the whole family gathered and talked. It is the New Year of the old days.

Today, when modern life pulls people into the hustle and bustle of the wheel, it seems that the traditional values of the Tet holiday also become more blurred. How can our children experience and not be neglectful to traditional values of Tet holiday, Tedu realizes part of the responsibility to give the activities of the tradition Tet to students and your children such as wrapping Banh Chung, molding Tò Te and making Tet cards. Through these activities, Tedu students and your children will have the opportunity to feel and experience traditional Tet activities.

Time: 9.00-18.00 on January 27, 2019

Location: 1A Building – Vinaconex 7, Goldmark City, Bac Tu Liem

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