Tedu’s Council of scholars is gathered by the leading UK, Singapore academics and educational experts. Our Council of academic members have many years of experience in teaching and researching methods of active teaching at The UK and Singapore Ministry of Education and other prestigious training organizations around the world such as Nanyang University of Technology, Singapore (One of the best leading universities in the world).

The international standard for English language, science, and math programs at Tedu are designed and built by the Council of academics based on the application of advanced teaching methods in the UK and Singapore. 

Prof. Jothy Narayanan
President of Council of academics
Dr. Jothy has over 25 years of experience in research and teaching English in the UK and Singapore. He has over 3 years of collaboration with Birmingham University, UK, and also has been part of the academic committee of the Institute for Positive Teaching Methods, Nanyang University technology, Singapore (One of the best leading universities in the world). He previously managed and taught at PSB Academy (Singapore's oldest private institute) as the head of the pedagogic and language department.
Prof. Dr. Peter David Looker
Academic Director
Professor Peter has over 40 years of international teaching and training experience. He is currently the Director of the Pedagogical Research Institute of the Nanyang University of Technology, the highest-ranked university in Asia.
Mr. Myles Glen Braithwaite
Head of Studies Department
Mr. Myles graduated from Warwick University, UK. Before becoming Tedu's academic director, he had over 5 years of experience in management and teaching in international systems of English in Korea and Vietnam.

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