English for Preschool children

The optimal time for children to study English is between the ages of 3 and 6. Children who learn English at this early stage will retain and use English as a second native language. A high degree of fluency is achieved through fun game-based activities, arts and crafts, and singing. Additionally, we focus on teaching skills such as rhyming, writing, and math for children. Students at this level will learn to interact and collaborate with teachers and classmates, and develop habits that will ensure they are ready to become excellent elementary school students.

Why Temasek Education
Educational philosophy

The educational philosophy at Tedu is to create an appropriate environment in order to encourage students to enjoy and actively participate in the learning activities in language, math, and science. Teachers encourage critical thinking and logical concepts amongst their students. Teachers are the ones who inspire, guide, interact and collaborate with students to help them gain confidence in learning, use English and apply the knowledge that they have learned from Tedu in real-life situations

Council of scholars

Tedu’s Council of scholars is gathered by the leading UK, Singapore academics and educational experts. Our Council of academic members have many years of experience in teaching and researching methods of active teaching at The UK and Singapore Ministry of Education and other prestigious training organizations around the world such as Nanyang University of Technology, Singapore (One of the best leading universities in the world).

Excellent teachers

In order for the educational philosophy and CTBL method to be effectively taught, only certified, native English-speaking teachers who have international experience in teaching will have the privilege of joining the team.

The Academic Council also regularly organizes programs that involve teachers’ training, to keep its educators up to date with the latest teaching methods and the suitable educational skills for Vietnamese students.

Outcome Commitment

With a long-term commitment to accompany Vietnamese students, we are confident about the quality of English teaching at Tedu. Students will be able to retrain for free if they do not pass the final exam. Provided that students reach the mark of diligence according to requirement, have a good attitude of study and participate in the tests on time.

English Pathway
Global Leader
From 17 year old
Exam Leader
IELTS program
Super Leader
From 11 - 16 year old
Robust Leader
From 6 - 11 year old
Eager Leader
From 3-6 year old
For students aged 3-4 years old

At this age, children will learn English naturally through fun and inspirational activities with native teachers. Students also begin to get familiar with simple words and vocabulary groups.

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For students from 4-5 years old

Children learn simple phrases and grammar structures through fun activities and interactions with classmates and teachers. Learning activities at this stage are designed to help build confidence and train children in pronunciation to the level of a native English speaker.

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For students from 5-6 years old

At this stage, students learn to rhyme, recognize letters and pronounce sounds. This is the foundation for children to develop their English reading and writing skills later. Students learn many new words, practice writing and some contents of simple math.

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