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Do a Cambridge English test with Tedu

Cambridge English – Standard International English Exam.

In order to create opportunities to cultivate English knowledge of Hanoi students in international exams,  Tedu organized an “International Cambridge English Test” test for children. The test was from 5th to 6th October 2019. The students made the exam successfully. 

Cambridge is the largest language exam in the world that is designed based on the psychology of children to bring the following skills in their future 

– Confidence to communicate in English

– Strengthening excitement of learning

– Critical and logical thinking

– Understanding English online on television and other media

1. What are the levels of Cambridge certification?

With the Cambridge English exam, your child can register for the exam levels of Starters, Movers or Flyer and test 4 skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Inside:

– Starter exams are designed to be fun and exciting, helping them get familiar with English speaking and writing daily.

– Movers exams help children build language skills and increase English vocabulary.

– Flyers exams demonstrate that they can handle everyday English and spoken English situations at a basic level.

Your child will try every level from low to high, so he can get used to and do not feel scared or nervous before the test.

2. How long is the Cambridge certificate valid for?

Cambridge certificates are internationally recognized and permanently used in the learning and working process.

3. What are the advantages of Cambridge certification?

– The advantage that enrolls in secondary schools

– The advantage of applying to international companies

– This is a contest of high quality and fairness

– Certifications are recognized globally

– The certificate is valid forever

– The test is suitable for the practical knowledge of children, revolves around familiar topics to help them easily apply them in real-world situations.

– Tested 4 skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing to assess your child’s progress in the learning process.

4. How is the Cambridge exam at TEDU conducted?

– 100% of the children attend in full.

– TEDU has prepared pen, exam paper, and registration number for each child, parents just need to bring their children on time to confirm information.




– The process of taking the exam is very strict and objective according to international standards with modern equipment and facilities.

– Using familiar language in everyday life, a variety of topics to comprehensively test 4 English skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing.

– You can test your listening and speaking skills directly with highly professional and experienced native teachers.

5. Advantages of the Cambridge test  exam at TEDU

– The results are more detailed – candidates will receive a score report for each skill (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking) and the usage of English along with an overall score for the test based on the Cambridge scale.

– The results are clear and consistent – test-takers’ results from the exams will be reported on the same scale. Cambridge scores will replace the current standardized score as well as the candidate’s profile.

– It is easy to compare the competency of the candidate – the connection between the TEDU English tests and the CEFR European Framework of Reference for Languages, with IELTS and between exams is very clear. The results on the scale also help us to clearly see the candidate’s progress between one exam and the next exams.

– With extensive experience in second language training, TEDU is confident of being one of the leading educational institutions in Vietnam. Modern equipment, facilities and international standards are accompanied by a team of teachers, highly specialized teachers, dedicated, dedicated to teaching.

 TEDU hopes to be a great stop with lasting values ​​for your beloved child!

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